Quick answers to the most common questions


How much will it cost?

Our packages start from $1000 for 5 Days x 2 Small Meals per Day. We have 4 package options with 2 size choices that you may choose from to fit your needs.

How do I order and pay?

Ordering is processed at this webpage and completed by Stripe Online payment. It can also
be taken through email eatuphk@upfitness.com and pay by bank transfer, and cheque or cash deposit.

When can I start the meal plan?

All meal packages start on the next scheduled menu on Monday only.

What is the minimum order for EatUP?

Our minimum order is 5-day meal package from Monday to Friday consecutively, or less
than 5 days if there is public holiday(s).

What is the cut-off time for ordering?

The cut-off times are 11:59PM every Thursday.


A) Delivery will be suspended during Typhoon No.8 and Red/Black rainstorm signal
B) If signal is lowered before 7AM, delivery service remains no change.
C) If weather signal is lowered before 12PM, delivery of that day will be delivered in the
D) If weather signal is lowered after 2PM, meals will be delivered on the following day.


How long do the meals last?

EatUP meals last two days when refrigerated. To enjoy the best quality of food, all meals shall be consumed on or before the Use By date tagged on the lid.

Fish/Seafood Meals – Special Care

If you are unable to collect (or arrange for delivery) your fish/seafood meals by our daily cutoff time (8 pm), these meals will not be kept overnight and disposed of at the end of the day.

Is EatUP gluten free?

All ingredients are gluten free. EatUP meals are prepared in kitchen that handles potential allergens such as milk, eggs and nuts.


Can I cancel my order?

EatUP delivery is non-refundable yet transferrable. You may share your meals with your
friend. You must contact eatuphk@upfitness.com 3-day prior for arranging alternative delivery location and recipient.

Can I reschedule my order?

This is exclusive to our 20- and 60-day package, which are valid for 40- and 120- calendar days respectively. You must contact eatuphk@upfitness.com with 3-day notice in advance. Suspended service will be carried forward to the end of your package. You may email us to check the status of your package.

Can I change the delivery details?

Yes, you can. Please provide eatuphk@upfitness.com 3-day notice in advance.


What is the macronutrients of my EatUP?

All macronutrients are available on our menu page, clicking on the meal name will prompt a popup panel with specific macros for that dish. To add in macros to your MyFitnessPal diary, simply search ‘EatUP Hong Kong (name of the meal in full)’.