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All of our packages start on a Monday. To order for the next week, place your order by 11pm on Thursday of the previous week. Any orders placed after this will be fulfilled starting from the following Monday.

Order 5 Days Prices from $1000

A Taste of one of our mouth-watering menus, to get you immediately on track with your diet and nutrition goals. A sample of our delicious macro-calculated meals to get you started with your body transformation goals and give you back your valuable time spent preparing your meals.

Order 10 Days Prices from $2000

A 10 day package to Kickstart fat loss and rapidly drive you towards your goals. Enjoy the taste of both of our menus, for two weeks of delicious variety, hassle-free. Enjoy the full range of our EatUP meals while driving your fat-loss forward.

Order 20 Days Prices from $4000

Our 20 day package is designed to help you achieve impressive fat-loss results in just one and half months. Our flavoursome meals will keep you focused for four weeks, so if you have a goal in mind or a special occasion fast-approaching, this plan is for you.

Order 60 Days Prices from $11000

Achieve maximum results with our ultimate 60 day transformation package. Nutrition plays a critical role in our U.P. clients’ body transformations and with that in mind, we've created the 60 day package to enable you to follow in their footsteps.